When is the Garden open? The garden is open 365 days a year from 7AM to 11PM.

Where is the Garden located? The garden is located at 135 Maple Avenue, just north of Guelph Street (Hwy. 7). It is situated at the west end of the Dominion Gardens Park.

Where can I park when visiting the Garden? Plenty of free parking is available on-site; the parking lot is located off of Maple Avenue just north of Guelph Street (Hwy 7).

Is the Garden accessible to those using wheelchairs, walkers, or strollers? Yes, the paths are accessible to all. Accessible parking spaces are located near the front entrance to the Garden (on the right side, once inside the parking lot).

Are there any places to sit within the Garden? In addition to seating under the Gazebo, there are benches & picnic tables at various points where visitors can meet, sit & chat or simply pause to enjoy the surroundings.

Are dogs allowed at the Garden? Yes. Visitors are welcome to bring their dogs; we often see dogs being walked along the Garden paths.

How can I reserve the gazebo within the Garden for an event? Please visit HaltonHillls.ca and complete the on-line Facility Request Form. The Town will process any requests. For additional info, click on the “Visit” tab and scroll down to “Reserve Space”, or to “Special Events” to see a list of public activities at the Gazebo.

How can I arrange a memorial tree within the Garden? Inquiries may be submitted via the “Contact us” page. We will provide a one page document which outlines the process. The cost of the tree itself depends upon the Requestor’s choice of tree. The cost for all other items (supply & installation of memorial plaque & post, initial tree-planting & ongoing maintenance) is $250. Tax receipts will be issued for the full amount. Please note, Fall 2023 update: No new trees are available at this time; some minor shrub donations may be possible in the Spring, 2024. Any requests are noted and honoured in the order in which they are received.

How can I arrange to use one of the adjacent community garden plots? The Allotment Garden next to the Old Seed House Garden is managed by the Georgetown Horticultural Society. Please be aware, there is currently a waiting list to obtain an allotment. Inquiries may be sent to: georgetown@gardenontario.org .

Can students do their ‘community hours’ at the Garden? Yes. From May through October, volunteers work at the garden each Tuesday morning from 9:00am to 12:00pm noon, when they can. Students are welcome to do their community hours within this timeframe. Please email a day or two in advance via the “Contact Us” page — and we’ll make sure someone is there to greet you and sign off on any hours worked.

What happens to the fish in the small pond, after summer? At the end of October, the fish are moved to a wintering site and the pond is drained and refilled. Occasionally, we have reports of fish (both alive, and not) in the pond after the October clean up. We ask visitors — please, refrain from adding (“dumping”) fish in the pond, as they will not survive the winter.

Can I park my vehicle overnight at the Garden’s parking lot? Please contact the town of Halton Hills in order to obtain a parking permit (Friends of the Old Seed House Garden cannot issue any permits).

How much does it cost to use the e-vehicle (EV) charging stations in the Garden’s parking lot? The Town has arranged for installation of two charging stations for e-vehicles. These are serviced by the Ivy Charging Network (i.e., not affiliated with the Old Seed House Garden).  Please download the Ivy app if you wish to see details.

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