2022 Winter Newsletter

The Garden was put to bed at the end of October and we are enjoying a well-deserved break. 

It was a very busy summer for all our volunteers but the results were worth all the time we spent planting, weeding, pruning and so much more in the Garden.

In the Spring, Summer and Fall, walking the pathways through the Garden is a delightful way to spend some time in the fresh air.  There are flowers blooming throughout the seasons and the perfume of the large variety of flowers is very enticing.

Now that December 1st has arrived, there is another very colourful reason for following the pathways.  The Gardens are alight with thousands & thousands of twinkling lights thanks to the volunteers of Light Up the Hills. Due to a well-deserved grant they received, there are twice as many lights this year. Lights are now in the walled garden, throughout the formal gardens and even on trees and bushes to the splash pad.

There is an extra special feature in the centre of the formal garden thanks to us – the Friends of the Old Seed House Garden.  In the Fall, we added a two-tier planter to enhance that garden.  It is now decorated with greenery and twinkle solar lights.  We hope to make the planter a seasonal wonder throughout the year. 

It is never too early to plan for next year.  We are already doing that.  We did walkabouts in the Fall to examine the Gardens, to decide what to do the same and what to change.  We are anxious to see the revamped entrance pillar gardens in the Spring.

Our big event next year is our 20th Anniversary Celebration – the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Garden.  It took about 5 years of extensive planning to create the the Garden.  There are so many people to thank for this.  We are hoping to be in touch with the initial organizers to invite them to the Celebration on Sunday, June 11th, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.  If you are one of those people or know of someone who was, please spread the word and let us know who to add to our invitation list.

We are also hoping to be in touch with former volunteers, donors to the Garden, or anyone with connections to the Dominion Seed House. 

As usual, we are always looking for new volunteers to join our team.  They do not need to have experience — we will introduce them to the pleasure of gardening.

We hope that you have a safe & healthy rest of this year and look forward to resuming our Tuesday get-togethers.

Diane & Pete – Co-Chairs of the Friends of the Old Seed House Garden

“Don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter.  It’s quiet, but the roots down there are rioutous.”  — RUMI

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